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Break Free


Power Struggles

Organic Concentric Circle

An art-based coaching program for parents who want to ditch the "perfect parent" fantasy, understand their child's behavior, and nurture more joyful connections.

Organic Concentric Circle
Organic Concentric Circle

bright, quirky kiddo

You're raising a

who constantly amazes you...


despite your best efforts to parent with kindness and compassion

you're left feeling confused and overwhelmed by your kid's behavior on a regular basis..

Organic Concentric Circle
Parent and Child Meditating at Home
Organic Concentric Circle

None of the parenting advice out there seems to work and you're left wondering "Will this ever get better?"

What if instead of walking on eggshells to avoid the next tantrum, I told you there was a different way?

A parenting approach this fits YOU, while being grounded in the neuroscience of relationships.

A new understanding of how your child's mind works, and the hidden messages of their behavior.

A warm and responsive way to support big, overwhelming feelings (while ditching the power struggles!)

I’m a mom myself, and I know what it’s like to read every parenting book, to watch your friends seem to parent with ease, while feeling completely depleted and overwhelmed by how uncomfortable my kiddo seemed ALL OF THE TIME.

You long to nurture your child’s inner spark, but find yourself relying on rewards and punishments - and regretting it every time.

Organic Concentric Circle

I imagine you're a lot like me....

what I've learned...

through my own motherhood journey, and in supporting families in both the schools and in my therapy practice...

you CAN ditch the power struggles and connect with your kiddo -

joyfully, mindfully, and compassionately.

  • Embrace what makes you YOU and let that inform your parenting approach
  • Get creative with how you support your kiddo's confusing behaviors and big feelings
  • Become an expert at decoding what your child's behavior is trying to tell you
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Break Free from Power Struggles

I help kids and their grown-ups connect - joyfully, mindfully, and creatively

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Break Free from Power Struggles

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move from survival to connection

activate your parenting super powers

take tiny steps for BIG results

How it Works

Through a combination of artmaking experiences, mindful breath work, and a dash of neuroscience you'll...

Organic Concentric Circle

1-on-1 personalized coaching

weekly emails with actionable steps

workbook, printable pdfs, and surprise goodies

Organic Concentric Circle
Palette and Brush

online open studio time

Paint brushes
Organic Concentric Circle

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6 one-on-one online coaching sessions

Weekly emails with impossibly small but immensely doable action steps

Reflection journal to help you connect with YOU

Online open studio time - once a month parents only, once a month family time

Done for you scripts, visual schedules, and decision matrixes - for when you need a quick parenting win


$1500 total, including all, this plus bonuses!

Organic Concentric Circle

Phase 1

from survival to connection

self-compassion and creativity for clarity on what matters most

In Phase 1 you'll start creativity and breath work practices that help you...

  • Remember what you love about parenting your amazing, bright, spirited child
  • Pinpoint what feels hard, right now, and identify the necessary supports
  • Redefine and recommit to being the parent you always hoped to be

Phase 2

get into your parenting flow

acquire knowledge + Activate super powers

In Phase 2 you'll begin to experiment with what it feels like to move from survival to connection. You'll...

  • Deconstruct both your own and your child's response to stress
  • Learn to speak yours and your child's stress language
  • Activate your parenting super powers - while taking exquisite care of yourself in the process

Phase 3

you've got this!

tiny steps for big results

In Phase 3 you'll put it all together to connect - joyfully, mindfully, and compassionately

  • Design the tiny shifts that make the biggest difference in supporting your kiddo
  • Practice the secret sauce to lasting connection with your child - the power of repair
  • Envision a new future for your family

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This was a great session; my son has struggled with calming issues during the past year. Thank you for offering this.

-parent participant

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Break Free from Power Struggles

Are you ready to start parenting the way you always dreamed you could?

Space is EXTREMELY limited for our September 2022 session. I have 4 openings for parents who are ready to create the next phase of their parenting journey.

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Jennifer is a compassionate and highly knowledgeable art therapist specializing in supporting family connection through mindful creative practices. In addition, she is brilliant at creating impactful creative resources to meaningfully engage children with special needs. If you are looking for parenting supports or individual therapy for your child, I'd highly recommend working with her.


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If you are tired of trying to figure it out on your own, then you’re in the right place. No more quick fixes, one-size-fits-all advice, or perfect parent fantasies.

Let me support you in building a foundation of compassion for yourself and your child. From there we’ll tap your creativity to awaken your parenting superpowers, to start living what you’ve always known is possible.

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By the end of this program you will:

  • Understand your child’s and your own reactions to stress, and how to respond with warm and connection
  • Discover a whole new creative flow ithe parenting, resulting in happier family times all around
  • Easily make decisions about how to meet your child’s needs while nurturing your relationship with each other

Mother and daughter coloring pages
Organic Concentric Circle
Organic Concentric Circle

Hey there! I’m Jennifer, a mom, licensed counselor and art therapist, former educator, and creator of the Mindful Messes™ approach.

aka freedom from power struggles!

I’ve taken what I've learned from parents in my therapy room and distilled the most essential pieces.

The Mindful Messes™ approach is the foundation of this program. It combines process-oriented artmaking, mindful breath work, and a bit of neuroscience to move you closer to a better relationship with your child.

This process will help you:

  • gain clarity around what your child's behavior is communicating
  • understand your own parenting strengths, as well as default reactions that get in the way
  • take actionable steps that are so tiny you barely notice them - until you see the ease with which you and your child are now interacting!
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Jennifer is a master at her craft! From the moment you meet her, you will know she is a seasoned and experienced therapist and creator. She has the ability to hold safe, comfortable, nurturing space for clients while supporting them through their challenges and helping them transition into their next area of growth. You will love her mind-body based approach and all of the tools she creates to help support her approach.


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Break Free from Power Struggles

I am SOOOOO ready to stop walking on eggshells around my kiddo, to get back to having fun and enjoying family time again!

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Wait… you said there’s art involved? What if I can barely draw a stick figure?

I’d say you’re in the right place. Rather than creating specific images, we’ll use lines, shapes, and colors to PLAY. I’ve found art materials to be the perfect tool for bringing awareness to our feelings, thoughts, and patterns of behaving. Sometimes this will result in something that “looks” like art, but most of the time the marks we put on paper will simply be a representation of this moment. We’ll use this visual “information” to create awareness and problem-solve doable action steps.

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I just want my kid to listen when I give her a direction. Can you help?

YES!!! Once you understand what your child’s behavior, such as refusal, is telling you, you’ll be able to make in-the-moment choices that support age-appropriate expectations while staying connected and kind.

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One more thing on my to-do list? No, thank you. I’m exhausted.

I hear you. Anytime you are learning and practicing something new there will be a bit of a time investment. Beyond the coaching sessions and open studio time, you can plan on about 15-30 minutes of reflective journaling and self-care each day. But here’s the cool thing - I’m going to show you how to use visual journaling and mindfulness routines to nourish yourself so you are energized to take on the task of parenting with intention instead of reaction.

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That’s a lot of money. Do you have a payment plan?

Yes, you can pay in one lump sum to get your best deal and bonuses, or you can split it up into 3 or 6 payments.

P.S. These prices are the lowest they are ever going to be. As the membership library grows, so will the price. If you are feeling called to do this work, definitely apply and we’ll figure out if this is the right time for you.

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I’m still not sure. What’s your refund policy?

Because much of this program is delivered as soon as you enroll, there is no refund policy. That said, before you enroll we’ll meet to make sure we’re a fit for each other and I’ll let you know if I think this is the right time for you to dive into this level of self-reflection. And, the good news is, the coaching sessions are tailored to your specific needs, so if something’s not working for you simply let me know and we’ll make any adjustments needed.

Kid painting rainbow during quarantine.
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